ENGL201 Introduction to Modernism
Classroom: Cornett B129
Instructor: Dr. Emily Murphy (emurphy@uvic.ca)
TA: Kailey Fukushima (ksfukush@uvic.ca)
Office: Clearihue D231
Course Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 12:30-1:30pm

What do we mean when we say “modern,” “modernity,” or “modernism”? How do space, nationality, or identity shape the modern experience? How does art respond to modernity? This course engages with these questions through the literature of the first decades of the twentieth century, and lecture content will attempt to communicate some of the original contexts of modernist literature, including the ways that literature was mediated and its attempts to alienate or welcome its audience, to engage with contemporaneous theories of the human mind, to explore the injustices of colonialism, or to contend with an ever-increasing rate of social and cultural change.


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