I teach courses in the literature of the 20th century and in the digital humanities.

ENGL224 Syllabus
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In 20th-century literature, I teach women’s writing, middlebrow literature, celebrity culture, and transnational modernism. I’m interested in literary historical figures like Nancy Cunard, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lucia Joyce, Virginia Woolf, H.D., and Radclyffe Hall. I am appointed to teach Modern British Fiction at Queen’s University in Winter 2017. In this course, I teach modern fiction from the English-speaking world, using methodologies like close reading, digital mapping, and text analysis to support students’ exploration of literary texts from the 20th century. The course features writers like Sam Selvon, Wyndham Lewis, and Virginia Woolf.


IDIS 222 Syllabus
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In the digital humanities, I teach cultural critical approaches to using technology in literary and historical study. In 2014 and 2015 I was an Instructor and Assistant Director with the Field School in Digital Humanities, Herstmonceux Castle. In my teaching, I use digital textual editing and text encoding as a lens through which to teach structural perspectives on contemporary technology. The International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle is an experiential learning institution. Experiential learning opportunities have included the Web We Want festival, scholarly conferences, letter press workshops at the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft, and day-long seminars with the British Library Labs.

I have also taught professional skills workshops across the Digital Humanities Training Network and in venues like the British Library Staff Training Programme, UK, on topics like text encoding, digital textual editing, and XML languages, and I have up-coming classes on digital humanities project management, and digital humanities pedagogy.

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