In the digital humanities, I have cultivated strengths in feminist digital humanities and in critical digital pedagogy.

In feminist digital humanities, my article “What H.D. Has to Say About RDF: Recommendations for Feminist and Cultural Critical Approaches to Linked Open Data” takes its cue from major studies of and for indigenous cultural heritage in the digital humanities. It applies the lens developed in these projects to the historical study of marginalized modernist women writers like H.D. and Radclyffe Hall in order to interrogate contemporary practices in digital cultural heritage. In particular, I trace the histories of publicness and privacy through these communities of women writers and I effect a critique of contemporary open access politics.

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In critical digital pedagogy, I am currently co-editing a special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly, “Imagining the DH Undergraduate.” My co-authored contribution to this issue draws on my shared experiences with Dr. Shannon Smith, Director of the Field School in Digital Humanities at the Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle (a satellite campus of Queen’s University). The article entails a survey of conceptual models that dominate the emerging field of undergraduate pedagogy in the digital humanities. It provides recommendations for critical pedagogical practices. The article is currently undergoing blind peer review.

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